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The first cleaning agency in Subotica

Founded in 2005, as a family business. Our main activity is cleaning, cleaning business facilities and stairs in buildings.

Daily cleaning works

residential buildings

The stairs of the residential buildings are cleaned through the Subotica Municipality Construction Directorate Public company and by the official janitors.


At the request of our clients, we clean offices and plants daily, weekly or on demand.

while working

Our most important task is to meet the needs of the customer, on which our reliable dynamic team is constantly working. Our goal is fast, thorough and reliable work!

Our customers

University of Novi Sad Hungarian language teacher training faculty, Subotica
Subotica DH PUC
SMB Gradnja
SMB Betonjerka
PUC Suboticagas
Subotica City Museum
Hét Nap
Nove Subotičke novine

15 years with you

15 years with you

Perfect Studio "Family" - workers gathered to celebrate a job well done.

15 years with you

After 15 years of working together with the team.

15 years with you

Good work cannot be done without a quality vehicle. Takeover of the new "Ford".

Perfect Studio 2005-2020.